Blue Trail Software

Blue Trail Software is a global software provider, and offers software development solutions for any given environment: from user-facing applications (B2C, B2B, B2B2C) to backbone architectures and connected devices (IoT). 
We're headquartered in San Francisco, California, the epicenter of technology innovation. The Silicon Valley is our muse. Our passionate team of software engineers thrives to build cutting-edge software and mobile applications that will exceed your expectations.
Blue Trail Software’s employees stand at the core of the company’s strategy : Innovation sparks when brilliant minds work in a stimulating environment. The company works hard to attract and retain tier-1 software developers, and is very proud of its dream team. We will assemble a top-notch team for you.


Incredible work enviroment

Teamwork, there's no bosses here, you're responsable of your objectives and time.

Snacks, Billiard and Pet Friendly enviroment

You can eat snacks during the day, play when you have free time and bring your dog to the office.


Traveling paid by company to visit our offices in other countries

Blue Trail Software




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