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Our holistic approach to employee wellness goes beyond the keyboard and mouse. Not only do we provide the best work environment, we have an entire Employee Success Department to cater to everyone on staff, and their families. A happy workplace is a productive workplace, and our focus on our family guarantees the best results for our clients.

Our commitment to wellness goes beyond our staff, we extend it to the local community. All materials used in the construction of our workspaces are sourced locally from sustainable sources, not to mention assembled, hand crafted and installed by local artists both in the U.S and Mexico. We want to make a positive impact in our workplace and beyond, and hope you'll come along for the ride!



We offer 3 Paid Time Off days and 10 vacation days, bringing this time off benefits, assures the worker we care about work and family time

Medical Insurance/Wellness & Health

Resources can feel safe and healthy, NearShore Technology’s commitment to wellness goes beyond our staff, providing programs such as Sports teams and a BeWell program that includes joint ventures with a gym, personal trainer, nutritionist and much more.

Career Path/Employee Success Board

We support different pro paths, to increase resources skills. We know you care about your future and NearShore Technology is here for you offering the long-term career paths and attractive growing opportunities for its members.


Making a definite move is not as easy as it sounds; therefore, we provide relocation assistance and financial literacy for you to feel at home.


It never gets boring at Nearshore Technology. The answers are near! Come join us and keep your career moving!

It’s a fun and relaxed yet professional environment with perks and outdoor activities like grilling by the pool – Victor C. (Business Analyst)

NST wants to give their talented employees the opportunity to grow and we are presented with new challenges as well as new opportunities – Erick T. (Tester)

You are always learning new technologies, techniques and ways to become a better developer. – Arturo R.(Developer)

Job Openings

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