Trabajo de Controls Engineer (GDL) en Carbon Robotics, Jalisco - México

Controls Engineer (GDL)

Who We Are

We build highly intelligent robotic arms that automate tasks no human was born to do. With computer vision and machine intelligence, we make it easy for anyone to program tasks in a matter of hours instead of weeks, while our platform enables developers to build the next generation of robotic applications. We’re scrappy, we’re focused, and we’re out to change the face of robotics.

What You’ll Be Doing 

An articulated robotic arm is a highly nonlinear dynamic system, and that’s before we slap our custom sensors on it, or have it grab an unknown payload. Which turns out to be a vibrating power tool. And then we need to trace its tooltip around the perimeter of an electronics housing, maintaining a constant force and velocity. And all of this needs to happen as fast and precisely as possible.

We’re looking for a controls engineer to make sure the robot is in the right place at the right time. This will be a highly collaborative position — for some projects, you’ll be working with our mechatronics and ECE team to develop low level servo prototypes and test rigs. For others, you’ll be working with the CV, kinematics, motion planning and application logic teams to implement higher order controls. In this position, you will work on controls development throughout the stack, from embedded realtime controls to eventual cloud learning models.

Please only apply for one role at a time! We will assess all your qualifications and contact you if we determine there is a role that is better suited to your skill set.


Characterize, model and simulate robotic systems

Develop controllers and test assumptions on hardware prototypes

Build out higher level controllers for 5 and 6 DOF robotic arms, maintaining positions or trajectories with uncertain loads

Develop low-level servo firmware to control the speed, position and force of three phase pm motors

Work with our capacitive proximity sensors and other secret sensors in the works to get deeper insights into the robot's surroundings

Minimum Qualifications

BS in ECE, EECS, ME, or equivalent field of study or practical experience

Fluency in classical and modern control theory

Experience simulating and modeling dynamical systems

Experience writing, implementing and tuning controllers on real hardware

Excellent written and spoken English

Preferred Qualifications

MS or PhD exposure to Control Engineering, Dynamics, Robotics, or related field

Understanding of optimal control, nonlinear control, robust and adaptive control

Experience working with DSP hardware, ARM architectures and embedded Linux

Experience with inverse kinematics and motion/path planning

Experience with ROS

Understanding of sensor fusion, sensor error modeling and uncertainty estimation

Please submit your resume and cover letter in English.