Trabajo de Data Analyst en Centris Information Services, Nuevo León - México

Data Analyst

Job Title:  

Data Analyst

The Opportunity:

We are a US-based insurance company looking for talent to be employed through Centris Information Services, our partner in Monterrey, MX.  

Requirement: Must be fully fluent in the English language 


The Road Ahead:

Safe Auto is seeking a talented individual to join our team as a Data Analyst, responsible for channeling all available data into value creating tools and applications. You will be responsible for making data driven recommendations, designing workflow improvements, and writing programs and automation.

Data Analysis is at the heart of the analytics process, drawing insights present in our unique data environment and applying appropriate context to recommend new metrics that provide process control.

Process Improvements are the growth engine of our business, fueled by analytical insights, organizing and abstracting our business environment into concrete metrics that define improved performance.

Technology has changed the way that people work, allowing processes to be refined into code and automated, so that people can make high impact contextual judgments and leverage their skills for flexible problem solving.

The Nuts and Bolts:

    • Extract data and process it into actionable business dashboards and reports
    • Recommend metrics and categorical data types from semi structured data
    • Structure and organize complex data in a documented value-add context
    • Break down business processes into quantifiable units with automated tracking
    • Identify high value opportunities for process changes with trackable results
    • Measure and track impacts of initiatives over time
    • Automate reporting into self-service tools and actionable dashboards
    • Structure data intake and ETL processes into production support pipelines
    • Develop purpose built tools to support program development

The Specs:

    • Bachelor's degree (Master's degree is a plus) with an emphasis on the quantitative sciences, Computer Science and/or 2-4 years business experience is required.
    • The following technical skills represent our common toolkit, broken down into the critical processes we manage. The specific technologies listed below are preferred, but experience in adjacent tools is also accepted if the skills are represented.
    • Programming: Experience with Python, Git, Markdown to develop and document solutions
    • Visualization: Experience with data extraction with SQL and display automation with PowerBI
    • Statistics: Experience with descriptive statistics and regression analysis with pandas or scikit-learn
    • We are also developing with Docker and Neo4j, but is not required for this role.