Trabajo de Data Engineer en AIMS International, Jalisco - México

Data Engineer

In AIMS International we're looking for a Data Engineer with the following experience:

·   BS and/or MS in Computer Science or engineering .

·   Ability to write clean, scalable code (and a passion for it) in Python or Scala.

·   Experience with processing large volume of data and production data pipeline.

·   Experience with relational and non relational databases such as Postgres, Redshift, Cassandra, Elasticsearch.

·   Experience with streaming technologies such as Kafka or Kinesis. 

·   Experience with writing distributed programs with Map-Reduce and Apache Spark.

·   Eagerness to learn new programming languages and technologies, superb attention to detail.

·   Experience with Scala a plus

·   Ability take on hard technical challenges: crawling, machine learning, automated data cleaning, etc.