Trabajo de Data Engineer en StartupGDL, Jalisco - México



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Data Engineer

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    No especificado

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    Guadalajara, Jalisco

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    Empleado de tiempo completo

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    Nivel Avanzado

Company: REVER

Manager: CTO.

Area: Engineering.

Studies: Bachelor’s degree is not required, but may have on in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, IT Management, or related field.

Languages: Spanish: 100% - English: 80%.

Technologies: Relational Databases and Non-Relational Databases like MongoDB, MySQL and Postgres, search engines like ElasticSearch, AWS, Linux, programing languages like Python and JavaScript, Docker, messaging technologies like Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ, experience with security processes is a plus, Big Data tools and software like Apache Spark, Hadoop, etc. is a plus.

Soft skills: Adaptability, problems resolution, time management, teamwork, self-motivation, self-organization, high focus on execution, priorities management.

Experience: 3+ years.


  • Handling, organizing, structuring the data of the organization so it is available, optimized and easy to access by other departments.
  • Developing scripts to normalize our data.
  • Managing databases and keeps them safe.
  • Suggesting and implementing data strategies and extract business value from our datasets.
  • Managing and owning our Data Lake.