Trabajo de DevOps Engineer en David Seijo (Headhunter Freelance), Home Office - México

DevOps Engineer

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What we're looking for
An emerging Artificial Intelligence company based in San Francisco is looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to manage, create and scale our cloud infrastructure and help the team to adopt a DevOps culture. We’re growing fast and are taking on exciting challenges of keeping up with new product development while scaling our services to support higher volume and more clients.

  • Define and coordinate high-level application design and architecture across the entire Synapbox product line ensuring clean and performant designs that will scale.
  • Articulate the current enterprise architectural vision, conceptualizing and experimenting with alternative architectural approaches and creating models to communicate the strategic direction.
  • Develop architectural standards, workflows and interface specification documents that complement the architectural vision while enforcing best practices.
  • Infrastructure security (write client SSL configuration, creating HTTP conduit, creating security key managers and trust managers, creating certificates, developing custom in and out interceptors for hashing and encrypting data, creating custom encryption mechanism based on a known algorithm).
  • Ensure system and database solutions will be scalable and maintainable in production.
  • Manage Amazon infrastructure including EC2, ECS, load balancers along with auto-scaling.

  • 3+ years of experience working with DevOps best practices.
  • 2+ years of experience working AWS infrastructure.
  • 2+ years of experience in Linux based systems.
  • Experience using IaaS such as Terraform and Ansible.
  • Advance knowledge in Docker.
  • Experience with continuous integration tools like CircleCI.