Trabajo de Devops en Globant, Jalisco - México


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    Zapopan, Jalisco

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At Globant, we dream and build Digital Journeys that matter to millions of users. We create a deeper relationship with the users by delivering memorable experiences that are personalized. We do that by leveraging engineering, design and innovation with our own industry-leading practices, like our Agile PODs and specialized Studios.

We want you to join us in creating these journeys for the biggest clients in tech, retail, travel, banking, ecommerce, gaming and media, revolutionizing and growing their core businesses while helping them (and yourself!) stay relevant.

Right now, we’re looking for DevOps Engineer to join our teams. If you know way around Linux/Unix administration and you have strong scripting skills plus experience with Puppet or Chef (either for Configuration Management and/or Continuous Delivery) and virtual environments (Vagrant, VirtualBox, AWS EC2).

If you join us, you’ll get to:

  • Develop your skills in all the latest technologies. You will work on different caching levels through modern applications (Varnish, Terracotta EHCache, Memcache)

  • Know how and when to scale horizontally & vertically

  • Understand the need of DRPs, backup strategies and security audits

  • Work in a flexible, team-oriented culture that’s truly Agile.

  • Choose between more than 400 innovative projects to work at,  from High Tech to eCommerce, building the next generation of Travel, Retail, Advertising, Banking and Media applications.

  • Shape your own path as you work with the best brands and professionals in the industry

About you:

  • Solid Linux/Unix administration skills

  • Strong Puppet or Chef experience (either for Configuration Management and/or Continuous Delivery) and integration with virtual environments(Vagrant, VirtualBox, AWS EC2)

  • A development background is HIGHLY desirable, but a strong scripting knowledge is also welcome

  • Good knowledge on building systems as Maven and Ant and solid know-how on repository systems such as Git and SVN are a must

  • Can understand the developer needs and propose a Continuous Integration Plan and implement CI tools (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo)

  • Can understand the infrastructure needs and design a Continuous Delivery plan

  • Can understand the management needs and create a Release Management plan

  • Can easily setup application stacks (LAMP, LEMP)

  • Can easily setup application server stacks (Tomcat, Websphere, JBoss)

  • Can easily integrate applications with services (ActiveMQ, Redis, Memcache)