Trabajo de Frontend Engineer en Placeit Envato, Jalisco - México

Frontend Engineer

Hi - we, at Placeit have a need to hire Front-end Engineers.


We run a tool called Placeit used by hundreds of thousands of clients around the world. We serve over 2 million users worldwide and we process a transaction every 2 minutes. We also run several other products used by some 8 million people around the world, but we'll cover that later.  

We've just begun our expansion plans and would like you to be a part of it. We currently have 190 people in our offices in Guadalajara, but our engineering team is small (22 people).

We started as an agency, called Fresh out in 2008. We developed new products for companies such Yahoo, Telefonica, eBay. When we realized we couldn't control the products we built through our clients, we started to invest in our own products. We bootstrapped our way to a product company in late 2014.


What kind of work do front-end engineers typically do at your company?


Typically, the product manager just works directly with the front-end engineer to determine the UX a particular feature. For smaller items, our “mockups” are done on developer tools directly in order to follow the existing style conventions.

For larger items, they are crudely drawn in short-hand wireframes (on paper) and then prototyped to give room to the engineer to make what they see as the best decision. Those decisions are also externalized to the rest of the team. We rarely design in Photoshop or Sketch.

We believe that aesthetics has very little to do with the success of our products, so we primarily focus our attention on the "functional" UX with specific constraints that we put on our products.

That's also why our front-end engineers propose and control much of the UX of the product. Most of the flows and interactions are done directly and iterated on the prototype level.

We've seen that it's better to spend more time to align the front-end engineer with the product goals and let them propose the execution options rather than having a designer propose them. Those options proposed by the engineer are usually discussed, iterated and executed by the same engineer.


We work this way because we've seen the best ideas for user experience come from those building the product as long as they care, understand the product goals and are given autonomy.

This also means that you will spend very little time “slicing” up images and spending most of your time in actual front-end engineering. We tend to follow the style guides and UX guidelines that we develop once and follow through.

What would I work on specifically?

You would be working on the front-end of Placeit. So, you'd be entirely responsible for the front-end aspect of any new features for Placeit. The most immediate new item we're working on next is a video mockup feature that we've been prototyping for a while. If you want to see some examples, visit the Placeit website.

What general skills do I need to perform well in this position?

·         You need to know how to:

·         Be clever about how to approach problems

·         Be technically curious (learning on your own)

·         Have a serious interest in understanding the goal behind your work

·         Push for doing things the right way the first time around