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Full-Stack Developer - Cdmx

Listopro es la mejor manera de conseguir tu proximo trabajo digital. Grandes corporativos, empresas de tecnología y startups utilizan nuestra plataforma para contratar posiciones estratégicas, principalmente en tecnología, producto, ventas de software y marketing digital.Nuestra plataforma es la primera que invierte el proceso de postulación: en Listopro, son las empresas a invitar los candidatos, entonces al completar tu perfil, automáticamente eres considerado para las vacantes sin que tengas que postularte.

¿Como funciona el proceso?

  1. Completa tu perfil en
  2. Espera a que una empresa te invite a su proceso, no necesitas postularte como en los portales tradicionales
  3. Crear una cuenta es totalmente gratuita, además te da acceso a varias herramientas, para crear tu CV o acceso a material para capacitarte
  4. Si ya tienes cuenta en , no postularte desde Linkedin. Simplemente entrar a Listopro y actualizar tu perfil 
Sobre esta posición:
We are looking for a Rockstar FS Dev looking to propel his/her career while also helping to take company's tech team to the next level.  The main activities are to migrate our monolithic services to the pattern of microservices and to support the existing Api.
 Structuring and architecting micro-services systems and its communication.
  • Implementing continuous integration flows from development to deployment.
  • Applying the brand identity and enabling designers to translate their vision.
  • Technological intelligence about the best frontend practices.
  • Key frontend techniques to improve user experience (i.e. bundle splitting, differential serving, prefetching, etc.).
  • Writing clean and maintainable code.
  • Spotting and addressing performance issues with
  • Participating in scrum ceremonies and design reviews.


We're looking for passion, flexibility, leadership, top technical skills, with 5 years of experience developing internet products mainly in frontend apps.

  • Modern JavaScript with React and React Native, functional components.
  • Experience working with server side rendering, mainly with Next.js frameworks.
  • Good understanding of hooks, web performance and DOM.
  • Experience working with GraphQL (Apollo) and consuming Restful APIs.
  • Advanced CSS/JS Animations and Interactions, CSS3/Sass/Less, WebGL.
  • Good understanding of CSS libraries like: Bootstrap, Antd, Material Design or Bulma.
  • Experience leading with SEO friendly and PWA apps.
  • Knowledgeable with AWS: S3, Cloudfront and EC2.
  • Experience in code review, pair programming and mentoring junior developers.


  • Python as language programming and knowledge of django or flask microframework. Very strong.
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP). Very strong.
  • Knowledge of SQLAlchemy ORM as layer communication between our databases and the application. Very strong.
  • MariaDB/Mysql as a relational database. Very strong.
  • Knowledge of celery is a plus.

Actually we are migrating our services from a monolithic REST to microservices pattern. To communicate those micro-services is very important know about:

  • RPC communication via queues using pika and rabbitmq.
  • Redis cache.
  • Docker and docker-compose for local development and production mode.
  • Graphql is important. Specifically using ariadne package for python.
  • gRPC is a plus.
  • CI/CD is aplus.
  • Vagrant and ansible is a plus .