Trabajo de FullStack Support Developer (PHP/JS/Python/.NET) en Preferati, Ciudad de México - México

FullStack Support Developer (PHP/JS/Python/.NET)

We are looking for a Friendly and Caring Support Developer

The position requires something of a generalist, who is comfortable working in and learning a wide variety of technologies and codebases. You will be working on a lot of diverse, small (less than 8 hours) tasks for our clients. If you are a fast learner, care about people and like to have a new interesting problem to solve every day, this is the job for you!

The big picture of support work is to make the clients happy by being an effective consultant and developer who leaves clients feeling valued and cared-for — both in their time of crisis or in the regular course of business support.

Day-to-day, you will work with a lot of different codebases and within a lot of different CMSs and technologies, such as Drupal, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. This will include custom software running languages like JavaScript (React, Angular, Node and more), Go, PHP, Ruby, .NET, JAVA and others.

You will be primarily involved in taking on development work that can be done in less than a day and seeing it through to completion, including guiding it through code review, quality assurance, and eventually deployment.  Your team will be of other developers, also located in the same office in the Colonia Juarez area of Mexico City.

This is honestly a fairly unique position, as it requires three things in balance:
  • You need to be technical enough to thoroughly and correctly triage and resolve issues as they come up.

  • You need to be relational (with enough emotional intelligence) to relate to and take care of people via emails and support tickets.

  • You need to have exceptional English skills. All of our 100+ clients operate in English, as well as our team & culture.

Your background is likely either as a developer or as a technical project manager. Either way could work well, the trick will be in being able to help others, coordinate work and dig in deep depending on the need of the moment. Beyond the technical, sometimes you'll also have creative or marketing work to be done. Finally, it's important that you're comfortable learning new things and teaching others, so you can help clients accomplish their goals and provide a reassuring presence. Some moments you'll need to do nerd talk, others you'll need to be able to provide a hug via email.

Culturally, we're a fast-paced agency that prides ourselves on serving our clients well and doing excellent work. It's an excellent opportunity for the right person.

Compensation & Benefits:
  • Grow your US Network

  • Work from home two days a week

  • Competitive comprehensive benefits package:

  1. 30 days Christmas Bonus pay
  2. Paid Holidays
  3. Premium Private Health Insurance
  4. Office Snacks & Amenities
  5. 10,000 MXN Educational Benefit per year (can be used towards courses or conferences)