Trabajo de INCIDENT RESPONSE MANAGER en Softtek, Aguascalientes - México


Incident Response Manager


As an Incident Response Manager you will be monitoring complex software systems at an incredible scale.   IRMs mobilize support teams from application, support and infrastructure perspective. The main purpose of this role is to drive the troubleshooting and resolution of major issues that are impacting the business services or there is a possibility of future impact. In addition, upcoming changes review and systems monitoring are day to day activities to guard the health of production environments.


  Softtek is a global organization with multiple portfolios, with a wide variety of projects. Each project is unique and may not require the same stack which opens the opportunity for innovation.


Industry & Project: 

This position gives you the chance to start your Softtekian career working in one of our projects in the airline industry for USA. 


The Airline industry is catching up in the race to create highly reliable cloud environments, posting a unique environment of technical challenge, learning and innovation. 

IT professionals working in the airline industry acquire a higher value in the marketplace due to the extensive expertise required to deliver reliable and agile services in the industry. 



·          Responsible for Team mobilization: Support  & Infrastructure Teams

·          Facilitate the communication between team during critical situations

·          Coordination of the troubleshooting and service restoration

·          Critical Application Monitoring

·          Upcoming Changes Review for Production environments

·          Diagnoses and detect the common problems to involve the proper team

·          Decision making to escalate appropriately and in a timely manner 

·          Consistently asks appropriate questions to identify problem and course of remediation of issues


Required Experience:  

·          Incident Management.

·          Change Management

·          Drive efforts of troubleshooting and coordination during major issues resolution.

·          Knowledge of fundamental concepts, practices and procedures to WAN, LAN, Firewalls, Operating Systems (Windows Servers and Linux), 3rd Party Software and Software Interdependencies

·          Experience working with   middleware, WebSphere, MQ IBM , Data base administrator, (SQL, Oracle) 

·          Ticketing Tools (Service Now)

·            ITIL processes 

·          Experience using mainframe basic commands in AS400 (iSeries)


Job Requirements:  

·          Fluent English Level.  

·          Ability to work a flexible schedule, varying hours may include mornings, evenings, weekends and extended hours as part of the operations duties.