Trabajo de Ingeniero de Servicios en WorkBox, Ciudad de México - México

Ingeniero de Servicios

 We are  looking for a Customer Engineer that would like to be our customer-face for all pre-sales & post-sales related activities, encompassing: Solution Architecture, Technical Solution development, Trial, Solution implementation, Training, and Support. zequenze is a technology startup which focuses into build software solutions to help Telecom Service Providers to better serve their customers by enriching and automating end-users experience while maximizing network's monetization capabilities. Our customers include small, medium and large telecommunications service providers (fix and mobile) in Mexico and Latin America. Opportunity description and requirements We are looking for a Customer Engineer with good experience in: - Experience with Device Management Solutions (ACS-like), end-user experience solutions, Carrier WiFi e2e ecosystem. - Linux OS / Scripting tools (hands-on experience). - Strong networking know-how (hands-on experience). - Python / Ansible (desirable). - Public cloud infrastructure (hands-on experience with AWS and/or GCE). Additionally, candidates must have: - Ability to communicate effectively and professionally, both verbally and in writing (English & Spanish). - Ability to think quickly and logically to resolve issues. - Strong attention to detail and follow-through skills. - Good sense of humor