Trabajo de Ingeniero para diseño Mecánico y Automatización BILINGÜE en Hireline, Jalisco - México

Ingeniero para diseño Mecánico y Automatización BILINGÜE

An international company developing best-in-class optical polymers to be used in the new generation of foldable and rollable displays for smartphones, tablets, wearables, and even for devices that have not been invented yet but will revolutionize the way people interact with electronic devices.


We are starting our new office in Guadalajara Mexico and we are looking for the best and brightest engineers to help us build the most advanced materials informatics platform ever! 


We are looking for candidates with experience in back-end engineering as well as database administration to help us create the next iteration of AI/robotics for advanced materials development. 


Join us to take the next step in a new materials’ research era! 


  • Experience in mechanical design (CAD)
  • Automation of Manufacturing equipment
  • C# and C++ programming, PLC or robotics
  • Mechanical Engineering degree with minimum 3 to 4 years of work experience in mechanical design work in the material handling automation of chemical, palletizing and packaging industries. Experience to include design and implementation of custom grippers, automatic machinery, customer mechanical devices with moving parts.
  • Experience (2 to 4 years) of medium to technically-complex gantry or robotic system projects.
  • Team leader/manager experience a plus
  •   Experience in AutoCAD, Solidworks or Fusion, Fine-element analysis or other similar software
  • Excellent knowledge of machines, tools, pneumatic and mechanical technology, including equipment construction, design, use, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, testing installation and operations monitoring.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Capable of working in a multicultural environment, remotely and on-site.
  • AI and machine vision experience are desirable
  • Customer technical support
  • Fluent in English