Trabajo de IOS Developer Trainer en Enhance IT, Georgia - USA

IOS Developer Trainer

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We provide Fortune 500 clients throughout the United States with   IT   consultants   in   a   wide-ranging technical sphere. Our growing organization is seeking a skilled professional to serve as an internal resource for our specialized focusing the field of Big Data/Hadoop Development. In order to fully maintain our incoming nationwide and international hires, we are seeking a Lead iOS Developer/Trainer to coach and mentor our incoming classes of consultants. This position involves overseeing, in partnership with a consultant development manager, a diverse body of IT consultants throughout their career, or lifecycle, with our company.

The iOS Developer/Trainer will take on the following responsibilities:•Interviewing potential consultants to ensure all onboarding employees will be successful in the iOS domain •Be responsible for the design, development and maintenance of our best-in-class iOS training materials• Training, guiding and mentoring consultants with existing basic programming and computer science skills up to junior and mid-level developers • Acting as a primary technical support resource for individuals working on a variety of projects throughout the US (this requires ability to support remotely)


Desired Qualifications Include:

•5+ Years of professional experience in the IT Industry

•Bachelor’s Degree in the Computer Science or related field

•Project Management background preferred

•Knowledge of the Consulting/Sales structure


Desired Skills:

•Work experience in apps in both a UI/UX capacity as well as back-end

•Design patterns and architecture concepts such as MVC, MVVM, and MVP, Builder, Factory, Singleton, Adapter, Proxy, Façade, Bridge, Observer, Command

•Obj-C (and other object-oriented languages)

•Swift (latest iterations)

•Differences between Swift versus Obj-C and the value and necessity for both depending the production environment