Trabajo de Java or .Net developer en Infosys, Nuevo León - México

Java or .Net developer


responsibilities: It will start with 12 weeks of training (paid).


·         University graduate with degree from a four-year program.

·         At least two years of experience in Java or .Net development.

·         At least two years of experience in at least one of the major JavaScript frameworks: (Web developer)

·         Working knowledge of SQL queries.

·         Full English proficiency, with at least one project for an international client or in teams with non-Spanish speaking members.

·         Availability for short term travel.


The position will involve the following activities:

·         Carry out the work that lives between the design and the back-end solution, to deliver a smooth-running website.

·         Translate requirements and mockups into fully functioning websites using HTML/CSS/JS

·         Familiarize with the latest front-end development frameworks and techniques and be able to incorporate them into the development of the website.

·         Clearly communicate solutions to geographically dispersed team members and clients in the US, both verbally and in writing.

·         Ongoing website maintenance and support, including functional changes.

Workplace  in Monterrey and abroad, mainly US.

Working hours  Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:15 pm.

Please apply or submit updated CV in English graduation date (month and year) mail indicated on the top.