Trabajo de Javascript and PHP Developer en Preferati, Ciudad de México - México

Javascript and PHP Developer

Are you looking for the opportunity to bring your expertise and problem-solving skills to a development agency in one of America's fastest-growing technology markets? GRAYBOX in Portland, Oregon is looking for a mid-level JS and PHP Developer to work from our Mexico City Offices. Experience in DevOps including Continuous Integration, Docker and AWS will also be a plus.

We work on complex web applications that solve critical problems for businesses with technology.

This is your chance to become a trusted member of a leading digital agency as they grow to solve the complex digital challenges facing their clients.

You will be in a very collaborative environment working on the latest things with great people who love to learn and love to teach.

This is a fast-paced agency and you are going to work with a lot of different types of technology and products.

Please apply if you like:

  • Solving Problems with Technology

  • Learning New Things

  • Collaborating with Skilled Developers.

  • Working on Small Teams (5-7 people)

  • Having Dedicated QA Staff

  • High-Quality Project Managers

Compensation & Benefits:
  1. Salary is based on experience
  2. Grow your US Network
  3. Competitive comprehensive benefits package:
  • 30 days Christmas Bonus pay
  • Paid Holidays
  • Premium Private Health Insurance
  • Office Snacks & Amenities
  • 10,000 MXN Educational Benefit per year (can be used towards courses or conferences)


Colonia Juárez in Mexico City (work at home two days per week).


GRAYBOX is a digital consulting agency that helps clients solve technical challenges, reach their audience and optimize their operations with elegance, utility and expertise. We’re partners for success in a digital-first world — helping captivate partners, both online and off, with measurable results.

We plan, design and build a variety of digital experiences including websites, web applications, mobile applications, ecommerce stores of all sizes, digital marketing campaigns, videos and virtual reality. If it touches the internet, we probably help with it. We have about 40 people on staff + an extensive network of freelancers. GRAYBOX’ World Headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, USA. Founded in early 2009,  it is widely regarded as an awesome place to work.