Trabajo de JavaScript Engineer en Alta Scout, Nuevo León - México

JavaScript Engineer

Sulvo of New York, NY is looking to hire a full-time Full-Stack Developer / Software Engineer to join our Product & Innovation team and help accelerate our growth. We are international by default and don't mind if you are too. Are you an exceptional mid-level JavaScript Developer who would like to join a highly motivated team? Would you like your programming skills to have a direct impact on companies around the world ? This position pays $2500.00 - $3500.00 USD per month . If this sounds like the right programming opportunity for you, apply with our ad tech company today!




We are an ad tech company that uses an ad server containing patented technology in order to ensure publishers earn as much as possible for their content. Unlike other ad servers, we are focused on improving user experience and revenues. In addition, we offer great reporting and industry-leading financial products. We are building the next generation of advanced technological infrastructure for content creators including our unique ad server that is now patented. We are innovators who believe in delivering value for the long term. We work hard because what we do matters.


We are always looking for bright, driven, and intelligent people across the Americas to join our “Sulvo Tribe” and help us change how the internet does business . There is work, and then there is work that you were born to do- -the kind of work that defines who you are and that you can be proud of. We’re talking about the kind of work you’d sacrifice a night or a weekend for. That is the kind of work we do at Sulvo. People don’t come here for safety--they come for the journey. They want to create something big and meaningful that reaches hundreds of millions of people. We have an “idea meritocracy.” We recognize that the best idea should win and that the best idea can come from any member of the tribe. The impact an individual can have at Sulvo is only limited by the individual.




As a Full-Stack Developer / Software Engineer at Sulvo, you work for a product-first ad tech company. You are determined to use your exceptional JavaScript programming skills to help our engineering team bring products that our differentiators in the market to life and ensure that they are always available. As a troubleshooting extraordinaire, you solve problems that come through our technical ticket system. You also help come up with next-generation ideas.


You are always working to find a balance between cadence (getting things done) and quality (long-term maintainability and extensibility). Your hard work and efficient use of time make you a productive and dependable member of the Sulvo Tribe. Though you have an analytical mind and often work independently, your good interpersonal skills are also essential to your success as you collaborate effectively with a multidisciplinary team.


Additionally, you have an innovative mind and help find unique solutions for publisher technology. As someone who is highly self-motivated, you appreciate that you aren’t micromanaged. You are flexible and enjoy working for an ad tech company where there is a lot of energy and growth, not to mention the opportunity to have your code reach a very large part of the planet and make a positive difference for companies and organizations around the world!




     Proven track record of delivering high-quality work and ability to provide references

     Expert knowledge of JavaScript

     Familiarity with node.js and MongoDB

     100% self-starter mentality


Knowledge of Vue.js and meteor.js would be a plus but are not required for this position. Are you highly motivated and desire to be part of an elite hardworking team? Are you flexible and able to prioritize tasks effectively? Are you passionate about coding in JavaScript and motivated to pick up new skills? Do you take pride in your work? If so, you might be the perfect JavaScript developer for this Full-Stack Developer / Software Engineer position at our ad tech company!




This is a full-time, 40-hour week, 8 am - 5 pm eastern time programming position with some flexibility based on your location .




If you feel that you would be the right JavaScript Developer for this Full-Stack Developer / Software Engineer position at our ad tech company, please fill out our initial 3-minute, mobile-friendly application . We look forward to meeting you!