Trabajo de Loyalty Program Owner - Monterrey en Listopro, Nuevo León - México

Loyalty Program Owner - Monterrey

The role will develop, coordinate and implement strategies for the Loyalty Program, generating a connection between the different players: Brand Loyalty, Digital Business, Brand, Media and Categories for the proper management of the program´s value proposition, generating an emotional connection with our customers and influencing their purchasing behavior towards the products and services we offer. This in order to ensure sustained growth in sales.


  • Accountable for the Loyalty Program performance. Responsible for the development and creation of strategies, processes, guidelines and initiatives for de LP for the different categories, thought the design or mechanics that connect with the consumer to keep their participation in the program and the preference of the brand.
  • Implement base mechanic, punch cards, BPOs, Boosters and Coupons, after thorough supervision of the development of each of these.
  • Supervise the development, analysis and coordinate segmented promotional mechanics to increase visit frequency and/or ticket of customer in store, ensuring the correct configuration of these within the Program platform.
  • Manage the strategy and analysis of the Loyalty Program, to identify the best personalized value proposal aimed at the different segments of the program, through correct communication with the client.
  • Ensure and supervise the correct implementation of the LP strategy along the different areas involved in the implementation (IT, Band Loyalty, Direct Marketing, Digital Business, Categories), ensuring the alignment between these for the delivery of the value proposition in time and form. Includes management of relationships with Brand Loyalty and coordination with Digital and POS teams.
  • Ensure the development, execution and evaluation of comprehensive communication strategies aimed at different consumers, clients and internal employees, efficiently using the different means of communication, standardizing their communication to ensure the same language and message that ensures a consistent positioning of the program at each point of contact with it.
  • Responsible for the LP roadmap (functionalities) and the development of the Comprehensive Loyalty Plan with the different perspectives over time (short and long-term vision) for the program. considering the future needs for the integration of the Loyalty Program between the different BUs.
  • Translate roadmap into epics and user stories, prioritize functionalities and groom backlog every three months, agree roadmap with channels (POS, Application, Website) and write requirements.
  • Comply with the application of the Company´s cultural processes and rituals.

Relevant Decisions of the Role:

  • Generate initiatives and directed strategies that increase the traffic and frequency.
  • Negotiate mechanics, redemptions and promotional packages with suppliers.
  • Generate actionable actions through individual customer analysis and execute the appropriate communication proposal for each profile.
  • Select information boards that allow evaluating, adjusting the different initiatives, and promoting strategies for in-depth knowledge of consumer habits for correct decision-making.

Role Contribution Complexities:

  • High strategic level for the correct decision-making to improve the process.
  • High level of analysis to generate actionable items of the different promotional initiatives of the program.
  • Business Care for work plan and national deployment of the Loyalty Program, ensuring a positive result.
  • Ensure the economic sustainability of the program and a high level of attractiveness for the customer.


  • Bachelor´s Degree.
  • 7+ years of experience in Marketing, or brand management.
  • Advanced English.
  • Strategic Vision.
  • Organization skills.
  • Decisions maker
  • Systematic thinking.
  • Client orientation (must).
  • Strategic Relations (must).