Trabajo de Programador SQL BILINGÜE en Hireline, Jalisco - México

Programador SQL BILINGÜE

We are a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider supporting over 90 Direct Selling and Network Marketing  business all over the world. Clients rely on our software and services to run every aspect of their

business. Onboarding new clients can mean anything from helping a startup to get up and running for  the first time to working with existing companies to convert their systems and processes from current  providers to our company.  

Working with a team of internal IT Business Analysts, Software Developers, Data Architects/Analysts as  well as Client Stakeholders, Executives and Project Team members to successfully develop and support  multiple custom software solutions for our clients is the core of this role.  


• An indomitable & inquisitive investigator – you like to take stuff apart, get up in there and  see how it really works, all while fixing any problems you encounter along the way.

• A truly terrific teammate – you play well with others and flourish when contributing to a  whole greater than the sum of its parts. You’re not afraid to ask questions and learn directly from

your peers either.

• An entrepreneurial identity – you like making a difference and having a real impact where  you work and your aspirations go well beyond getting through your shift tomorrow. You shine when

given the room to get work done without tedious micromanagement and your work shows it.

• Programming prowess – you know your stuff in programming and more importantly, you’re  passionate about learning everything you can.  


• 4+ years’ experience programming in T-SQL

• 2+ years’ experience programming in C#

• Self-starter with aptitude to learn and grow

• Team Player

• Must speak English fluently