Trabajo de React Engineer en Nearsoft, Jalisco - México

React Engineer

In    Nearsoft      you will be contributing to create a Software Development methodology with a cultural manifesto looking to improve the software industry. With your help, we will reach our vision to become a sustainable key contributor in LATAM, recognized around the world for using edge tech to improve well being of emerging countries. 

You will also be treated like an adult, work with projects in the US, as an extension of their teams, and share the same commitment, responsibilities and values.  

What we're looking for:

  •  5+ years of software development experience
  •  2+ years of ReactJS development
  •  Strong experience with modern and vanilla JavaScript techniques including ReactJS, Redux, and ES6/ES7 features
  •  Familiarity connecting to Microservices, REST APIs, GraphQL APIs, and other database-driven web applications
  •  Experience with third-party libraries and APIs
  •  Modern web security methodologies & familiarity with both relational databases and non-relational databases (NoSQL, Elastic Search, Time Based DB)
  •  Asynchronous programming including Promises, async/await, and ES7 generators, along with state management using Redux and Observable
  •  Server-side development (Node.js), Docker experience a plus
  •  Comfort with modern git and GitHub workflows

If you are driven to work  on projects that require deep technical problem solving,  you love coding and you are able to work independently or in teams and manage time effectively, and specially very passionate about learning, then     Nearsoft    is your place and we are your tribe.

What you can expect from us:

Besides our base pay 100% IMSS, our benefits include 25 paid days off, private health insurance, annual aguinaldo, and Social Security benefits, including INFONAVIT. In addition, we get monthly vouchers ( e.g. , groceries), and as many books as we want. Each of us gets training budget, and, depending on business conditions, we get an annual profit-sharing bonus. These are, of course, the short-term benefits.

The real, long-term benefits is what you will learn at     Nearsoft    . The remarkable people you’ll meet and make lifelong friendships with. The things that you’ll discover you can accomplish when you work without restrictions. The ability to reach as far and high as your creativity takes you. The opportunity to take the lead on anything you are passionate about.