Trabajo de React Native Developer en MANIAK, Jalisco - México

React Native Developer

  • Lugar

    Zapopan, Jalisco

  • Tipo de puesto

    Empleado de tiempo completo

  • Sueldo

    $ 40,000 a 45,000

React Native Developer

Join the Maniak family!

Based in Guadalajara since 2010, MANIAK is a mexican company motivated to generate a change through Software Development tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our team is composed of a mix of amazingly creative and talented people. Our strength ? Being part of the growth of our customers with developments of the best quality

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Work Environment

Our office is located near from UVM Campus & the Akron Stadium, is made up of 50 members in administrative staff, developers, designers and managers.

We like keeping things casual that is why we often have bbq´s & beers in our own  

front yard or go to the “alitas” every now and then after work. Also, we have cold beverages like sodas and beers, coffee and tea that you can have anyday, anytime, as long as we don't empty the fridge.

Work Culture

In Maniak we are different. We believe in responsibility and we trust each one of our collaborators, for that reason we have a flexible schedule in which, as long as you fulfill your day / week activities, the schedules does not matter.

We also believe in communication both among the members of the same team and other areas. We support the feedback and strengthen the opportunity areas of each one for their professional and personal growth.

Maniak is committed to a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.


  • You will develop the front-end using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ideally Frameworks, such as ReactJs and Vuejs

  • You will create concepts, realization, and testing of user interface, as well as - adaptation to different devices

  • Analyze and propose solutions for use cases (user stories)

  • You will create the markup and styles of a component to a high quality standard, following strict design guidelines

Ideal Skills

  • Two or more year of experience with Js Frameworks

  • Experience working in projects using React

  • Experience creating applications in react Native

  • Experience creating a SPA

  • Elevate sense of design and user experience

  • Ability to think long term and avoid “hacky” solutions

  • Basic PHP or Python knowledge

  • Experience with responsive design

  • Experience consuming a REST API

  • Experience with build tools such as webpack, grunt, gulp

  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations

  • Knows what a web worker is

  • ADA compliance knowledge

  • Experience creating the structure / organization of style files with reduced scope

  • Experience with advanced SASS / LESS control structures

  • Ability to extract variables, colors and standards from a design file and put it into code

  • Experience using ECMAScript 6


  • Experience using Server Side Rendering

  • Experience with state management (vuex, redux)

Are you ready to make a difference?

We don’t discriminate by race, color, something else