Trabajo de Security Internal Consultant en Kueski, Jalisco - México

Security Internal Consultant


Kueski is the largest online consumer lender in Mexico, that provides financial services for users who are ineligible for traditional bank loans.
Thanks to its technology and data analysis criteria, this company has positioned itself as a market leader.
In 2016, Adalberto Flores, CEO and Co-founder of Kueski, was recognized as Mexican Entrepreneur of the Year by Endeavor. 
Tuesday Capital, Victory Park Capital, Sobrato Family, Angel Ventures Mexico, Rise Capital, Core Ventures Group, Ariel Poler, Pedro Aspe, Bismarck Lepe, Variv Capital, David Begler, Endeavor Catalyst, and Auria Capital are among the companies betting on this project. 

About the position:

Work along with DevOps team to design, develop, build, and test secure services and applications

What will you do:
  • You know, cybersecurity is a pretty big challenge, worthy of your talents, wisdom and experience; it is something we love and enjoy to do. Doing just ethical hacking tests using whatever you want, even social engineering is just the tip of the iceberg, so to give you a real challenge and a playground, we expect that you:
  • Collaborate to design infrastructure, digital information workflows and integration of services and components from cybersecurity perspective, this means, securing them.
  • Identify and generate security requirements for applications.
  • Collaborate in Controls Design, including monitoring and alerting.
  • Review documentation of security configurations of applications/services/frameworks, analyze them and propose to DevOps Team secure ways to configure services and applications.
  • In some cases, configure parameters and security functions directly (on critical assets), because sometimes, the Master must show us the way, don't you think?
  • Perform Ethical hacking test, after all, you are a hacker, aren’t you?
  • Analyze and Review New Technologies, Applications and Solutions from Security Perspective and share your security concerns and observations.
    • Help developers to understand and correct detected vulnerabilities in static analysis.
    • Generate reports/dashboards of static analysis and remediation status,
    • Collaborate in the investigation of Security Incidents (Recollection of digital evidence, Cause Root Analysis, Incident Documentation).
    You have:
    • You have a recognized security certification related to Ethical Hacking, for example CEH.
    • You have been enjoying cybersecurity for at least 4 years.
    • And as a consequence of having fun in cybersecurity, you can show your wisdom using penetration testing tools such as Nmap and Metasploit, or BurpSuite or several tools in Kali.
    • Furthermore, as a great hacker, you can demonstrate some experience programming in any language (preferably Java or Python or Ruby) and identify code weaknesses.
    • You have experience securing cloud services.
    • AWS security concepts.
    • CASB services.
    • Inquirer, passionate and extremely curious about technology.
    • Creative Thinking.
    • Positivity.
    • Trustable and focused on results.
    • Communicate clearly your ideas.
Benefits and Perks: 
  • Major medical insurance.
  • Pantry Vouchers. 
  • Flexible work time, including working from home.
  • 10 days of vacations. Hard work deserves a good rest.
  • Beverage & Snack all time at the office.
  • Nap room. For those moments of nap time.
  • VR for guided meditation.
  • No dress code but PLEASE, come dressed!
  • Stock Options.
  • 30 days Christmas bonus.



International/National relocation covered by Kueski

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