Trabajo de Senior Front-End Engineer (Angular) en StartupGDL, Jalisco - México



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Senior Front-End Engineer (Angular)

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    Zapopan, Jalisco

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Job Title: Senior Frontend Engineer for VIQ’s NetScribe Transcription Platform
Job Locatio n: Guadalajara, Mexico 
Reporting: This position reports directly to the Lead NetScribe Frontend engineer

Job Description: The senior engineer will be responsible for designing and implementing features
concerning frontend components for the NetScribe platform, including:

• Understanding the architecture, components, and software organization of NetScribe;
• Understanding and fleshing out new requirements, with product stakeholders;
• Communicating requirement and implementation details to teammates;
• Driving implementation and design strategies;
• Implementing and optimizing platform requirements;
• Ensuring that testability and test cases are implemented during development;
• Ensuring closure on requirements, sprints and other open issues;
• Responding to support issues and other inquiries in a timely manner; and
• Supporting the needs of other teammates.

Educational Requirements:

• BS/BA in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or an equivalent degree.
• MS/MA preferred.

Experience and Skill Requirements:

• 4+ years working in a software development organization, preferably using an Agile software
development methodology;
• 3+ years working with the Microsoft technical stack;
• 2+ years developing web-based UI’s, single-page applications;
• Hands-on Angular 1.5 / 2.x and Node.js experience; JavaScript / TypeScript;
• Adherence to UI standards, guidelines, and other usability best practices;
• Web services, JSON, REST APIs, XML;
• .NET / C# / Applications – nice to have
• HTML- and/or XML-based text editors, CKEditor a plus;
• Microsoft Azure platform experience;
• Sketch, Figma, Axure or similar GUI development tools nice to have;
• Scrum, fixed-length sprints, and Kanban.

Soft Skills:
• Good oral and written communication skills
• Proficient in English – employees will be required to communicate with English-speaking colleagues
• Enthusiastic, having a desire to learn new technologies, techniques, and applications
• Accountable, high follow through on commitments
• Team player, able to mentor more junior teammates
• Excellent organization skills and attention to detail

About VIQ Solutions
VIQ Solutions combines artificial intelligence (AI) driven voice and video capture technology and services
to securely manage digital content in the most rigid security environments including governments,
courts, insurance, and law enforcement. We help our clients securely speed the capture, creation, and
management of large volumes of information, preserve the unique value of the spoken word and video
image, and deliver meaningful data.

Our exceptional leaders, with more than 30 years of industry experience, use their in-depth market-specific  knowledge to ensure our teams create timely, accurate documents. Our advanced digital
technologies enable efficiency gains of 30 to 50 percent over manual processes, with complete
confidentiality. Our people, processes, and technologies combine to provide complete satisfaction for
our clients.

NetScribe is a VIQ-developed document transcription system tuned to the needs of courts, law
enforcement, insurance, and other domains. The platform allows multi-channel audio and video feed
to be reviewed by personnel who can then create a high-fidelity document reflecting the events and
discussions captured. The platform also uses automatic speech recognition and document formatting
functions to make the work of converting audio and video into documentation more efficient. Perhaps
the most interesting feature of the platform is the ability to split files into specified segments, typed and
edited in any order, and combining the segments back in the proper order to be delivered for a final
review. No other platform does this in an automated fashion.

aiAssisttm is VIQ’s AI-enabled platform that helps process incoming audio and video files of many
different formats, performing the transcoding of the files, creating speech recognition drafts, identifying
speakers, and facilitating the production of textual data. aiAssist has the ability to learn utilizing specific
corpora that is fine tuned to a specific author or specialty.

MobileMic is VIQ’s mobile audio recording application, running on iOS and Android devices. The
application allows authors to create dictated audio files on the go and have a speech draft delivered to
them in minutes. The author can edit the document themselves or share it with others (e.g., administrative assistants) to do the editing for them. The speech quality is exceptional, even with non-
native English speakers.

CapturePro is VIQ’s audio and video capture platform used in court proceedings, insurance
investigations, and police interrogations to accurately and securely capture these events. Data can be
captured simultaneously from several microphones and video cameras, which are then all used to
accurately represent the event from several perspectives. The multi-channel capture with annotations
can then be delivered to NetScribe for transcription.