Trabajo de Senior Fullstack Engineer en Svitla, Jalisco - México

Senior Fullstack Engineer

What we're looking for:

  • Experience writing performant, scalable, testable and well-documented Javascript (ES6+)
  • Experience integrating code with continuous delivery systems
  • Experience orchestrating and deploying to cloud services like AWS
  • Experience instrumenting and tracking applications in production using tools like Sentry, Keen and Datadog
  • Experience with web frameworks like react, vue  or angular
  • Experience with backend frameworks like express, hapi  or koa
  • Experience with testing frameworks like lab or mocha
  • Able to communicate design and development tradeoffs
  • Able to split projects into smaller deliverables
  • Able to test your work and communicate results and tradeoffs
  • Experience debugging and profiling applications
  • Good understanding of application architecture and algorithm optimization
  • Experience using Docker
  • Java, PL/SQL