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Senior Software Engineer in Test

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Senior Software Engineer in Test

Datazoom is a data-driven, streaming media integration platform that provides standardized real-time data, automation, and advanced capabilities to streaming content providers and the ecosystem of service providers who support them. Datazoom’s platform is extensible and flexible supporting any combination of video players and analytics, storage, or database targets. We enable our customers and partners to provide amazing quality of experience through a set of core data services and the freedom to choose the best, well-integrated tool for the job.  


We are looking for a senior test engineer with strong technical skills and a passion for driving quality of experience. This is a hands-on engineering role involving the selection, operation, and management of test automation frameworks, test design, development, execution, and maintenance. You will do manual testing of new features or domain areas that don’t yet have automation in place but our goal is to keep that work to a minimum.  


The ideal candidate is a jack-of-all-trades tester with strong engineering fundamentals, manual and automated testing skills, and experience with streaming media services. Most importantly we’re looking for someone capable of deeply understanding our service, who thinks holistically about customer experience from end to end, has a bias to action and   strives for a consistent, exceptional experience for our customers and their customers.


Here are some examples of projects you would work on


  Evaluate and (as needed) improve  
  Current test suites for quality, maintainability, and effectiveness in finding quality issues.
  Current test frameworks and infrastructure for the ease of use, speed of execution, and maintainability.  
  Evaluate, revise, design, and implement reliable methodologies for programmatically testing
  Dynamic, consistent, customizable, multi-platform video player SDK generation and integration.
  End to end data collection, transport, queueing, standardization, enrichment, and transport to final storage or analytics targets.
  End to end data integrity with the goal of ensuring reliable data delivery, durability, and accuracy.
  Complex, correlated, multi-source (e.g. video player events and CDN logs) data standardization, correlation, and transport at scale.  
  Service reliability and performance at scale


Here’s what we’re looking for in a candidate


  Proficiency in a variety of testing methods and frameworks (e.g. manual, unit, integration, load, production).
  Proficiency in the selection, configuration, and operation of automated test frameworks, preferably on multiple platforms (e.g. web, mobile, set-top box, and DTV devices).
  Proficiency in enabling effective integration testing by establishing technical standards, promoting effective tools (e.g. mocking frameworks), and providing guidance to developers and other testers.  
  Experience balancing a mix of manual and programmatic testing responsibilities.  
  Experience with network simulation tools like Wireshark.
  Experience with streaming media technologies and test methodologies (preferred).
  Experience testing data pipelines and evaluating data quality, reliability, and latency (preferred).
  A curious, rigorous, disciplined mindset  
  A track record of high performance - delivering high impact projects on time
  Strong written and verbal communication skills
  The ability to work independently but remain connected with remote peers  


We are a small company with the opportunity to make a massive impact on the video streaming industry. We believe that top talent can be found anywhere and should be able to work from anywhere. As a result, we are remote by default with no central office. Success hinges on every member of this distributed team pulling their weight, filling voids, and solving problems with grace, skill, and tenacity. If that sounds like you this is your dream job.