Trabajo de Sr Android Native Developer en Svitla, Jalisco - México

Sr Android Native Developer

- Hands-on experience bootstrapping a new application from scratch, there first line of code will be theirs.  
- Setting up development account with Play Store
- Building for various target device sizes (all phones, no tablet support yet)
- Publishing an app to the Play Store
- Building apps that support geo fencing features, including notifying a user based on location when the app is closed, and/or the phone screen is off and the phone is in a pocket/purse/etc.
- Building apps that can take a picture and submit it to an API or store on phone.
- Building apps that can take a video and submit it to an API or store on phone.
- Building apps that have search tools for large data sets, like Yelp search or Google maps search.
- Building apps that display search results on a custom map. We can use a map service, like Google, but we need to customize the icons and information on the map.
- Building apps that support anonymous users as well as allowing users to login via social network (Google, Facebook, etc).
- Building apps that respond to push notifications from our back-end infrastructure. Will need to work with our engineers to ensure the push notifications work correctly and can be utilized by the app to open the relevant content from the notification.  

- Needs to have good written and verbal communication skills in English.
- Needs to be able to join conference calls and semi-weekly stand-up to collaborate with designers and back-end engineers.