Trabajo de Staff Software Engineer en AIMS International, Jalisco - México

Staff Software Engineer

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    No especificado

  • Lugar

    Zapopan, Jalisco

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    Empleado de tiempo completo

Key Responsibilities

What you will do:


        Help one or more teams build and deliver software that solves complex customer problems

        Help drive strategic technical decision making

        Build RESTful web applications and design distributed systems

        Use the latest technology and techniques to build distributed, scalable, and fault-tolerant software systems that power our business communication offerings

        Help drive the technical roadmap and technology standards

        Take a customer-focused approach in working with our product team to prioritize and deliver new features

        Deliver testable and maintainable code

        Learn on the job new technologies and techniques to support our continuous improvement culture

Delivery First

        Production release factored in during grooming and coding of an issue.

        Follows their changes all the way through the production environment deployment.

        Changes are always done in a way that consider the impacts to production and long term maintenance.

        Can design a phased delivery approach for a major change.

        Understands versioning and the "why" of the approach.

        Understands branching and merging - deep knowledge of how git works.

Automation and Tooling

        Actively pursues minimizing all manual steps in their day to day and within the applications they work on.

        Aggressively "lazy" (puts in extra time and effort to not repeat a manual step).

        Always looking to continuously improve.

        Actively uses tooling for debugging and maintaining the applications (APM, Log Aggregation, etc...) they work on.

        Expert at leveraging development tools (IDE, browser tools, git, etc...).

        Understands in general techniques and tools used in leveraged automation.

        Can identify trends and recommend remediations to negative trends.

Team Commitment

        Actively seeks to help teams engaged with to stay on track and reach their goals.

        Participates and is introspective at retrospectives in an effort to continuously improve.

        Not afraid to try something new or to fill a different role when needed.

        Provides technical and professional mentorship to product development teams.

        Not afraid to call out and coach other team members that aren't pulling their weight in order to help the team and the individual.

Review Changes

        Participates in learning/knowledge transfer.

        Ensures changes accomplish what is being requested.

        Ensures standards and code quality expectations are being met.

        Detects logic and flow bugs.

        Identifies if there are better solutions available.

        Notes possible performance Improvements.

        Identifies major security flaws.






Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent work experience


        Extensive software development experience

        Extensive experience with RESTFul services and API design

        Experience with automated testing frameworks

        Extensive experience designing and using deployment systems

        Extensive experience with messaging systems (RMQ, Kafka, Firebase)

        Experience with build and packaging systems (Maven, pip, npm, webpack)

        Experience with distributed caching systems

        Deep understanding of design patterns and as deployed systems using them

        Understands and leverages CI/CD

        Understanding of UNIX based systems

        Understands secure coding best practices

        Drove a multi team architectural improvement or new technology

Preferred Experience with:





        Developing and maintaining technology standards

Language Specific Qualifications


        Expertise with Java 8+

        Expertise with the Spring Framework (Boot, Data, Security, etc…)

        Experience with web containers (Tomcat, Jetty, etc…)

        Understands relational databases and has deployed applications leveraging them

        Understands non-relational databases and advantages between relational and non-relational



        Expertise with Python 3+

        Expertise with a web framework (Tornado, Pyramid, Flask)

        Understands relational databases and has deployed applications leveraging them

        Understands non-relational databases and advantages between relational and non-relational


     Expertise with ES6+,

     Expertise with the React framework

     Experience with frameworks to manage state (Redux)

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