Trabajo de Test - Engineering Manager - Guadalajara en Listopro, Jalisco - México



Rango de salario (MXN)

Tipo de empleo

Fecha de publicación

Test - Engineering Manager - Guadalajara

  • Sueldo (MXN)

    $ 60,000 a 70,000

  • Lugar:

    Guadalajara, Jalisco

  • Tipo de puesto

    Empleado de tiempo completo

  • Nivel de Inglés

    Nivel Avanzado


The Engineering Manager is a role held by an experienced individual who has people management skills and shows a genuine passion for helping others. The Engineering Manager  promotes and influences a positive and healthy work environment daily, acting as a cultural ambassador.

Your Day-to-Day Activities:

  • Functions as an anchor for individual contributors throughout their journey at the company. Facilitates, provides guidelines, and is the main support for individual contributors’ development.
  • Serves as a role model for the discipline members, is the go-to person for technical questions, mentorship, and career growth.
  • Understands the team and individual’s technical needs and is accountable for the development of skills through training, certifications, academy, etc.
  • Collaborates closely with the Talent Acquisition team to support the Hiring and Interviewing processes.
  • Participates as an evaluator of technical skills, and cultural fit for the company.
  • Sets quarterly OKRs for the discipline and achieves visible results in each of them.
  • Sets performance and development goals.
  • Is accountable for the performance management of the team, actively participates in the promotion sessions of the CGM (Continues Growth Management), and is also in charge of PIP (Performance Improvement Plans) when performance issues are identified.
  • Builds community within the discipline members, ensures a productive and engaging environment for discipline members.
  • Works closely with the Staffing team to cover project needs considering individuals' capabilities, experience, and aspirations.
  • Serves as a hub between Delivery and project management to ensure projects goals are met and expectations are clear.
  • Holds coaching and career development conversations; presents and describes opportunities for growth in order to help achieve career goals.
  • Manages the onboarding of new team members to the company and to the Discipline so that they are engaged and productive as soon as possible.
  • Is responsible for the beach management of discipline members.
  • Recommends certifications, materials, and training that can add value to the individual while waiting for a new project.
  • Is responsible to procure fair and competitive compensation practices within the discipline’s team members by actively participating in the Hiring Process and Focal Review.
    • You have experience as a people manager or leading people around you.
    • You have proven expertise (battle scars) in many areas of the software engineering cycle.
    • Have demonstrated being a role model for the Discipline by contributing to it with an exceptional track record at a senior level or above.
    • Consistent and positive feedback from peers/team frequently is your “bread and water of every day”. Proactively requests feedback.
    • Capable of providing empathetic and meaningful constructive feedback that helps individuals and teams grow and improve.
    • Exceptional communicator, in both written and spoken English.
    • Passionate about executing & experimenting on strategic initiatives such as global growth, learning, and development, talent attraction, among others.
    • Comfortable dealing with uncertainty and are capable of shedding light towards clarity.
    • Fosters the sense of belonging between each individual with the discipline and the company.