Trabajo de Value Proposition Base Mechanic & Punch Cards (Loyalty Programs) en Listopro, Nuevo León - México

Value Proposition Base Mechanic & Punch Cards (Loyalty Programs)

The role will develop, manage and implement the strategy for the Loyalty Program base mechanics and punch card mechanics that contribute to the additional traffic in the stores and/or loyalty program. Ensuring its correct implementation and development between different platforms and the plazas where the program takes place.


  • Develop, manage and implement the Value Proposition of base mechanics and punch card mechanics for the Loyalty program, that ensures the generation of traffic to our stores, through segmentation by customer and timing. In addition, adjust these mechanics as required.
  • Manage and define attractive rewards catalog, including required points in coordination with value management.
  • Manage promotions and traffic generation initiatives segmented by profile to ensure the best value proposition for categories/suppliers, ensuring the correct implementation of these between the different platforms, ensuring the sustainability of the program in time.
  • Manage the implementation of the base mechanics and punch card mechanics, according to the strategy and packages negotiated with categories/suppliers ensuing the correct configuration of these within the Loyalty Program platform. In addition, coordinate KPls for measurements.
  • Coordinate the strategy and analysis of the frequency program, as well as the correct communication with the client, coordinating personalized promotions and directed through e-mailing, SMS and web services, or the application itself.
  • Manage the analysis and delivery of information to the different players of the program to ensure the best decision making and generate actionable items that increase the profitability and sustainability oft the program over time.
  • Generate action and improvement plans to projects of process efficiency and follow up on innovation developments with IT to streamline the configuration and follow-up processes to each of he mechanics and give dynamism to the promotional activity, always thinking of the consumer and store employee.
  • Receive reports of in-store tests of new promotional mechanics or new implementations and/or new configurations on the Loyalty Platforms for proper h-store execution. Through in-store tests, the promotional transaction is replicated to check the correct connection of information.
  • Comply with the application of the Company´s cultural processes and rituals.

Relevant Decisions for Role:

  • Management of base and punch card mechanics, generating. segmented initiatives that increase traffic and frequency.
  • Negotiate mechanics and redemptions.
  • Generate actionable items through individual customer analysis.
  • Supervise the appropriate communication proposal for each profile.

Role Contribution Complexities :

  • Development of base and punch card mechanics per profile to improve its performance.
  • High leal of analysis for the generation of actionable Items through rewards segmented by profile and by the time that increase traffic and ticket of the different segments.


  • Bachelor´s Degree.
  • 5+ years of experience relevant fields.
  • Advanced English.
  • Strategic Vision.
  • Organization skills.
  • Decisions maker
  • Systematic thinking.
  • Client orientation.
  • Strategic Relations.