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Roberto Carlos Gonzalez
Software Engineer


  • 2014 Mayo


    Senior Software Engineer

    Currently working on Android Ebay Classifieds Group.

  • 2014 Abril - 2010


    Senior Software Engineer

    • Worked on an iPhone application for one of our clients.
    • Creating an Android opensource (the application was an idea of the employees after a superhappydevhouse).
    • Gave some Android technical speeches, In a Rails congress (magmarails), for a mexican university (Universidad de la Sierra).
    • Created a mexican software developer community ( dev52.org).
    • Helping with the recruitment process, interviewing guys, proposing new tools for recruitment guys.
    • Tecnologies involved: Java, iPhone, .NET, Android, Wordpress Nearsoft is a software product development service, with operations in Mexico. We work as innovation partners to our clients, helping them build world-class products. For the last four years the company has been recognized as a Great Place to Work (Top 10) and Most Democratic Workplace.
  • 2010 - 2013


    Senior Software Engineer

      * Working with a world wide distributed team, using collaborative tools.

    • Developing and maintaining new features for the web platform.
    • Working as the developer of the mobile project.
    • Technical work in our middle-ware layer (C#), our UI (ASP/ HTML), modifying our data repository.
    • Helped with the automated build for our Flex Project.
    • Bug fixing.
    • Technologies Involved: .NET, SQL Server, XML, Flex.

  • 2010 - 2007

    Gobierno Digital


    Software Architect

      * Created the main architecture for the web project of the main product (I calculate that generates more than 70% of the income).

    • Built and developed the architecture to migrate legacy systems, using webservices, COM+ services, XML.
    • Created a web project that autogenerates the UI according to a BPM, we did have more than 1000 business rules and they change over the time and some stuff depended of the employee (more than 40,000 employees).
    • Create of microwebsites and prototypes for sales guys.
    • Work with a distributed team, managing the deliverables, assigning priorities to the developers.
    • Help improving the database performance.
    • Help creating a performance workbench for the most popular SQL Databases servers. We saved the company the 80% of the price of the most expensive database at that moment.
    • Technologies Involved: .NET, ASP. NET, ASP.NET MVC, JBoss Seam, Java, SQL Server 2000/2005, Windows, SMS, LINQ, JBoss jBPM


2002 - 2006
Computer Systems Engineering
Master of Business Administration

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Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Java Programmer