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We’re not Wall Street. We’re not investment bankers. Our passion is technology and empowering businesses and consumers to get the most out of it. We want to invest in talent and ideas. It lets us look at market potential with an experienced eye. It allows us to better determine the potential valuation of a nascent organization and what financial infusion would be needed to bring the ideas to fruition.

What we bring to the table

Growth isn’t easy. It takes a clear vision and a viable action plan. It also requires investments that transcend the monetary ones. When you work with Brighter Brain, we’ll invest our time, our experience and our knowledge into your enterprise. By design, Brighter Brain has a limited number of investment partners and board members. We do this so that we can work more directly with the select companies in our portfolio. Real relationships mean real results. 

Our desire is to forge a strong working relationship with our portfolio organizations. You won’t be a line item buried in an accountant’s spreadsheet; you’ll be part of a true business partnership.

Accessible and able advisers

While an organization seeking venture capital investment is clearly interested in securing the funds needed to meet operational needs, Brighter Brain goes further. We are technology professionals. We bring proven expertise to the table along with our checkbook. We’ll connect you with other visionaries, partners and leaders who can help your organization grow.

Frankly, it takes more than just a capital injection to grow a company. It takes great people. If we choose to invest in your dream, we’ll become part of the dream. We’ll work with you to make that dream a reality.

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